Tradition and Innovation

La Banda: Tradition and Innovation

A double cd produced by the Association Ruvomusica, Achim Hebgen (Sudwestrundfunk, Baden-Baden) and the Enja Records.

It is long since in Italy music and culture (in spite of their historical creative vitality) have undergone moments of great difficulty. The reasons must be ascribed to the scarce attention paid to culture by the ruling class.As a matter of fact, in the last decades politicians have directed their aims and investments towards the manufacturing and building industries, with the result of polluting the natural environment as well as the human spirit and of damaging considerably the great artistic parimony (spread over the whole peninsula), which is envied by the entire world.
Although music, theatre and cinema live in much an obscure und uncertain climate with moments of deep anxiety about their future, a little yet great miracle took plece, half Italian and half German, being the outcome of the correspondence between my own love for the ‘banda’ and the sensitiveness and romanticism of Achim Hebgen, head of the Jazzredaktion of the Südwestrundfunk in Baden — Baden.
In fact, Achim had discovered his deep interest in one of the most characteristic voices of Italian musical tradition long before, and I had devoted myself on one hand to preserving and documenting the traditional repertoire of the ‘banda’ by means of a CD, which collected the sounds of the Holy Week in Ruvo di Puglia, and on the other hand to disclose new horizons working out an original project for ‘banda’ and improvisers on the occasion of the third edition of the ‘Talos Festival’ in Ruvo (1995).
The opportunity of meeting each other at the Festival led us to agree on the importance of offering to the ‘banda’ the possibility of growing more mature and confronting itself with new musical languages; consequently, thanks also to the help of Matthias Winckelmann (ENJA Records) and to Italian manager Riccardo Bergerone and Ulrike Müller and Monique Bakshi (SWRF Jazzredaktion) who helped to organize the Project. The choice of the composers and the improvisers taking part in this project was motivated by their rich collection of musical experience, their keen sentiveness and their profound knowledge of the world of the wind instruments, so that they could easily fit in with the musical context of the ‘banda’.

Pino Minafra


“LA BANDA” ENJ-9326 2

CD 1: Traditional Italian Banda

Banda Città di Ruvo Di Puglia
Directed by Michele di Puppo
Soloists Leonardo Lozupone (Eb little flugelhorn), Vincenzo Bucci (Eb little flugelhorn), Giuseppe Luzio (soprano flugelhorn), Salvatore Barile (tenor flugelhorn), Nicola Valenzano (baritone flugelhorn).

Toreador (Bizet)
La Gitana (Verdi)
La Donna È Mobile & Quartetto (Verdi)
Deh, Non Volerli Vittime E Finale (Bellini)
A Me, Fanciulla (Verdi)
Nessun Dorma (Puccini)
E Lucevan Le Stelle (Puccini)
Largo Al Factotum (Rossini)

CD 2: Banda & Jazz

Banda Città di Ruvo Di Puglia
Directed by Bruno Tommaso and Willem Breuker;
soloists: Lucilla Galeazzi (voix), Pino Minafra (trumpet, flugelhorn, megaphone), Gianluigi Trovesi (alto sax, alto and bass clarinet, Mib piccolo clarinet), Michel Godard (tuba), Jean-Louis Matinier (accordeon), Willem Breuker (alto and soprano sax, Mib piccolo clarinet).

Una Serenata
Tra La Folla, Mora, Mormora
Time Is An Empty Bottle Of Wine
Sacra Romana Rota